About Show & Share 

Show & Share is NAB Show Thought Gallery's platform for visual display and engagement around content submitted by industry contributors.  NAB Show Thought Gallery, in partnership with YuVue, offers our community the opportunity to show and share visual work and invite peer-to-peer comments.  In keeping with the Thought Gallery mission, the platform is designed as a forum for the presentation of insights and ideas relevant across media and entertainment.  All content is contributed by NAB Show's unique community.

Create an account and upload your visual media as it relates to the topics presented and called for in the Show & Share channel.  Please limit all videos to two minutes or less in duration.  All content will be reviewed for appropriateness.  We ask that all participants, both contributors and those commenting, use their real name to identify themselves.  It's free to contribute, but the content must be related to the called-for topics and indicate contributor.  

All content is the creation of the individual contributors, and reflects the views of individual participating contributors, which views may or may not be shared by NAB.  NAB shall have no responsibility for accuracy of such contents, and by utilizing this site you understand and agree that NAB will bear no legal liability for such contents.

About YuVue

YuVue helps brands, broadcasters and publishers engage and monetize their digital audience.  Our platform puts user-generated videos and photos at the center of content marketing, ad delivery, and audience data acquisition.  For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit http://yuvue.com.